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Pumpkin Chai Red Tea Macarons

Dedicated to Linda (survivor) and to Steve’s Mom. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Mactweets Mac Attack Challenge No. 12, please allow me to introduce Pumpkin Chai Red Tea Macarons. A good balance of East and West plus all the goodness … Continue reading

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Lavender Party

With the strange weather we have been experiencing in California, my lavender harvest extended through fall.  You won’t hear me complaining. My sincerest thanks for the warm welcome. I usually divide and replant lavender this season to make room for … Continue reading

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For Lavender Macaron {Coming Soon}

Harvesting Once the  color is bright and vivid, that is the time to start cutting. Cut the flower stems during the cool of the morning after the dew has dried. Both fresh and dried flowers and leaves are used in culinary … Continue reading

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Fig Balsamic Vinegar Reduction {Filling}

Ingredients figs, halved 1 cup balsamic vinegar pinch of salt Directions Place figs in sauce pan.  Pour over balsamic vinegar.  Add salt. Simmer until fruits soften.  Process using immersion blender. Simmer until jelly-like consistency is achieved. Lick spoon.

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Lavender Tea

Lavender is best harvested when the plant has not yet gone to seed.  The flowering heads can be used either fresh or dried. When available, I make my tea from fresh lavender.  It’s quite fun to see the colors of … Continue reading

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As I walked up the small gate leading to the front door, I brushed against the Lavandins still in nursery pots.  Ever so fragrant, they take me back to Provence. Lavendins, or English Lavender Hybrids are the workhorses of Lavenders. … Continue reading

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Tomato ‘Indian Stripe’

85 days, indeterminate — Similar to ‘Cherokee Purple’, very productive, very good flavor.  It is productive, a compact indeterminate plant, fruits are oblate, a bit smaller than ‘Cherokee Purple’, shoulders not as dark, but color similarly dusky rose with some … Continue reading

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