About MG

Moonglow and Enid, Photo Credits:  Arnold Santos

Moonglow and Enid by Arnold Santos

n. Moon-glow

  1. Daniel Smith (TM) Extra Fine Watercolor.
  2. My favorite tube of paint.

v.  gar·dened, gar·den·ing, gar·dens

  1. To cultivate (a plot of ground) as a garden.

Thank you for stopping by.  Moonglow Gardens is not a place, rather something I love to do.   Although I haven’t been gardening a long time, I grew up surrounded by people who love to garden.

My dad knows how to plant and when to plant veggies and fruit trees.  No Google back in the days.  To this day he doesn’t use computers.  I learned from Daddy by example.  Whenever I visit my folks in San Diego, they still have plants or seeds for me to take home.

My mom on the other hand, is the ornamental gardener.  Her patio garden is always teeming with blooms!  Non-stop.  Inside their home, plants on every table top.  Every corner.

In 2004, I joined Dave’s Garden!  Just the most awesome place for a beginning gardener.  Here’s a link to some of my photos.  With a toddler, it has become increasingly difficult to paint outdoors in public places.  I started to grow my painting subjects.   Whenever I could, I contribute to WetCanvas Reference Image Library as well.

When some people said peonies won’t grow in my zone, I grew them and made them bloom.  My friend Patty even painted it!

2005 was the year of English Roses.  I had fifty (50) of them at its height.  Will write about that sometime in the future.

In 2006, my Little Man started preschool and I went back to work.  It was a whole new exciting world for us.  Since bulbs didn’t require much babysitting, I planted daffodils and lilies.  They still come back every spring, and someday, I will plant more.


2008 – Four (4)  hybrid tomatoes bought at The Home Depot.


Started seeds and  grew twenty-five (25) varieties of mostly heirloom and open-pollinated tomatoes.


This year, I’m going to grow about five (5) tomato varieties, planning the kitchen garden better for a bumper crop of various veggies through fall.

ALL my vegetables are container-grown organically and I’m a huge fan of companion planting.

Please check back often!


13 Responses to About MG

  1. Tim says:

    The garden patch GROW BOX is a nice improvement over the EarthBox – at a much better price. http://www.agardenpatch.com

  2. HERBIE43 - FRANK says:


  3. Hannah says:

    I came across a post you made on tomatoville and was happy to see another CM resident on there! Wanted to say hi!

    I’m new to tomato growing… Very excited to see what happens this year! Already, our little operation is out of control. I started out thinking I’d grow about 4 plants… now we’re up to 15!

    Would love to see your set up sometime… I don’t know the first thing about staking, but fortunately, the plants are still very tiny.


    • Hello, Hannah! A treat indeed to see another Corte Maderan in Tomatoville! This is my second season growing tomatoes. If you want your tomatoes to stay at magic 15 count, we better stay away from each other. LOL! ~ I shall take photos for posting. See you around!

  4. Brian says:

    Check out http://www.tomatoheirlooms.com for heirloom tomato plants.

    • Thank you for leaving your link on my site. I was hoping you’d still have plants available. I called the number and spoke to Mark (?). He was very pleasant. However, you’re all out of plants.

      I hope someone from Tomatoville.Com and Dave’s Garden would share their experience with your company. Both are great sites tomato afficionados trust.

  5. vossner says:

    Hiya Annapet. I am remembering you on your birthday. We’ve had good years of friendship and I look forward to many more.

    Great website!

  6. Hi Annapet!

    We think your photos are absolutely mouthwatering…and we’d love to showcase them on Foodie Views of the Day!!! Foodie Views of the Day is a delicious feature on our website, FoodieView (www.foodieview.com). The idea is to provide fabulous foodies like yourself with an alternative space to share your food photo talents–and to give your readers and our users an opportunity to vote on their favorite pics. You can check it out here: http://www.foodieview.com/views/.

    You can upload your visual displays of yumminess directly to the site by following this link: http://www.foodieview.com/views/submit_info.jsp. All photos posted on Foodie Views of the Day are coupled with the appropriate photo credit and a link to the corresponding post on your blog. You can also add one of our fancy blog buttons to your site–which makes it easy for your fans to vote on your pics.

    If you have any questions about FoodieViews of the Day or would like more information about other opportunities to get your blog involved in FoodieView, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am also always grateful for any suggestions or comments you may have. Our goal is to make FoodieView the best food resource on the web……so your wish is our command ;)!


    Michele Robichaux


  7. willowbatel says:

    Not a fan of tomatoes but I love ketchup (even though it is all corn syrup). I’m a very big plant freak (37+ in my room alone) so it’ll be nice having some tomato help once I move. Keep up the good work, some of your recipes look like they’d be fun.

  8. It’s quite challenging to have a garden here. I only plant the herbs that I can’t find at the supermarket. I planted turmeric and kencur (kaempferia galanga) organically. The reason why I need turmeric, just because I need the leaves. The turmeric leaves have a big contribution in Indonesian cooking

    So far my turmeric and kencur have been growing well in the past 3 years. I keep them in the house when it’s winter.

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