Lavender Macarons with Fig Balsamic Jelly

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Lavender Macarons with Fig Balsamic Jelly, Moonglow Gardens

Lavender Macarons with Fig Balsamic Jelly, Moonglow Gardens

Figs, Moonglow Gardens

Figs, Moonglow Gardens

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21 Responses to Lavender Macarons with Fig Balsamic Jelly

  1. Oh, my Goodness!! THIS is luxury !!!
    Impeccable..Congratulations!! Many bakeries in paris don’t have that perfection!

  2. Besos, Cristina! Thank you so much. Coming from you, that means a lot! I hope you’re having a great week. Starting to get chilly here in Northern California.

  3. These are just gorgeous. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost:) great job!

  4. Brian and Liz says:

    Love the color of these and the jelly with fresh figs must be amazing.

  5. kirbie says:

    So so pretty and perfect! Will you be posting a recipe?

  6. Lora – Thank you! I’m very pleased experimenting on macarons again between fall planting and mommy stuff.

    Brian and Liz – Wow, I have to check your macarons AGAIN. Thanks for stopping by. The fig balsamic reduction is a revelation. I will score more while in season, and definitely growing a couple of trees.

    Meghan – I’m glad you approve. Merci.

    Kirbie – I will be posting recipe or maybe linking…Thanks!

  7. Pachecopatty says:

    Beautiful blog, so many beautiful photographs here:) I’m happy to find you just in time to enjoy these beautiful lavender macarons, unbelievable colors! Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to checking back with you soon. best wishes, Patty

  8. Those are some scrumptious macarons! And an awesome combo of two things I love, figs and lavender. (Hmm, fig and lavender … what a lovely name for a blog!) I do hope you post a recipe or link.

  9. What a stunning sounding flavour! I really love figs but have never seen them in macarons 🙂

  10. indie.tea says:

    Wow, those are so beautiful! I love the colors, and your photography…

  11. I am glad i came a cross your blog. Beautiful pics and great content.

  12. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment. That means a lot. Sorry this is a bit late. I have been entertaining out of town guests!

    Gourmet Foodie – Thanks. I’m striving to do better one post at a time.

    Indie.Tea – That means a lot. Thank you as well.

    Lorraine – It has been a successful experiment making fig balsamic jelly. Merci.

    Connie – They did turn out great together! Fig & Lavender…wow, did you register it yet? TY!

    Patty – Thanks for stopping by! I have to grow fig trees now. Looking forward to your posts also.

  13. sippitysup says:

    I have seen a lot of these tasty sweet treats but these are as pretty as they come. GREG

  14. Wow your macarons look beautiful 🙂

  15. Jun Belen says:

    These are just so beautiful, Annapet!! I ove the color, and I’m sure going to love the taste! You have to teach me how to make macarons some time… put that in the growing list together with gardening!!

  16. Greg – Thank you. The truth is, I usually try one, just to taste then I send them out to friends. I like making them though. Like I said, the macaroons, I can eat a whole batch. I am not even embarrassed to say that, LOL.

    LindaLady – Thanks. I totally geek out on them and create a new flavor (at least new to me) once a week.

    Jun – That would be a great honor! One of these days when it’s not soggy, we’ll bake away.

  17. So pretty!! and I love the filling that’s not ganache or buttercream… loooove figs so the combi really appeals to me!

  18. shaz says:

    They look and sound delicious. I can never get the colour of my macarons right, I love how purple these look.

  19. Shaz, thanks. If these macarons baked a few seconds longer, the color will be so off! The magic temp for me is 280F.

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