Potato Leaf and Regular Leaf Tomatoes

Potato Leaf (PL) usually has fewer cuts or serrations on the leaf edge.   Sometimes there are a few large notches in the mostly smooth leaf edge.

Regular Leaf (RL) is the most typical leaf type with leaf edges that are serrated.  There are many variations in terms of size of leaf and leaf color with various shades of green or green-blue tint.  Some leaves are very narrow and are sometimes called dissected because they look like a saw tooth cut them.

On the left is Marianna’s Peace (PL) and on the right is Black From Tula (RL).  The overall size of Marianna’s Peace is a benefit of an earlier transplant from a peat pot to a one gallon container.

Potato Leaf and Regular Leaf  Tomatoes, Moonglow Gardens

Potato Leaf and Regular Leaf Tomatoes, Moonglow Gardens

Ideally, this is what I do:

  1. February – Start Seeds
  2. March – Transplant to 4″ Pots
  3. April – Transplant to 1 Gallon Pots
  4. May – Tomato Success Kit or EarthBox

We’ve had an unusually long winter this year delaying planting time.  With the weather finally warming up, Black From Tula will catch up!

Here’s info on these two (2) varieties:

Marianna’s Peace

  • This large, potato-leaved dark pink tomato is fast becoming a favorite of gardeners across the country.  The large, 1 to 2 pound pink-red beefsteak fruits have luscious, full tomato flavor that features a good balance of acidity and sweetness.  Vigorous vines are very productive, which is special for a potato-leaved plant. Indeterminate.  80 days.  ~  Tomato Growers Supply Company

Black From Tula

  • Deep reddish-brown beefsteak tomato has a rich, sweet flavor that is delicious. Fruit is smooth in texture and weighs from 8 to 12 ozs.  This outstanding variety is very productive and seems to set well even when weather turns hot.  Russian heirloom. Indeterminate.  75-80 days. ~ Tomato Growers Supply Company

Where do I get seeds?

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One Response to Potato Leaf and Regular Leaf Tomatoes

  1. tania820 says:

    I’ve planted out three tomato seedlings labeled ‘Big Boy’ on May 8th.

    Will start with seeds next year and I’m taking notes. Thanks for posting this information 🙂

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