Moonglow Gardens

With spring just around the corner, Moonglow Gardens again.  Yes, MG is not a place.  It’s what Annapet loves to do.

After drop off duties this morning, I went ahead to Sloat Garden Center in Kentfield, to pick up a few seed packets.  I realize, one cannot survive on tomatoes alone.

Of course while checking out I fell in love with a 9″ green planter.  I promise to take a picture.  I think a red basil variety will make it pop.

Here’s what soaking now:

  1. Bush Peas Little Marvel
  2. Pea Snap Cascadia
  3. Pea Shelling Green Arrow
  4. Bean Broad Fava Windsor

Tune in!  This party is getting started!

Botanical Interests, Moonglow Gardens

Botanical Interests, Moonglow Gardens

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