Perhaps Bad Macaron Day For A Bakery in Strawberry?

Having a great weekend, I hope.  Little Dude has the sniffles and ran a fever last night.  We didn’t get to leave for San Diego as planned.  We’re missing The Little Mermaid’s birthday party.

Ah, I’m writing without a photo of new macaron creations.  I just wanted to share my macaron experience in South Marin.  It was terrible.  I can’t even eat it.  I was scared to take another bite.  It was so dry, and the taste was just terrible.  Are these macarons satisfying a good population sample here in Marin where I live?  OMG, we need another shop to offer better versions of these mini delights.  The Parisian Macaron Police should be alerted.

I paid $1.50 for each macaron.  Vanilla was as disappointing as their Coffee version.  $3.00 wasted.  Could have fed a family of four in Tanzania.

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