Thank You For Stopping By

Welcome to Moonglow Gardens and thank you very much for stopping by.  From a virtually unnoticed blog for many months, you have made this place quite a little foodestination.

I hope you will visit often.



Tea Towels, Moonglow Cooks

Tea Towels, Moonglow Cooks

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7 Responses to Thank You For Stopping By

  1. Lagoo says:

    And in return you’ve made us all VERY hungry 😀

  2. is “interesting” the non-insulting way of saying “sleeze ball”?

  3. Vicki says:

    I’m the lifestyles editor at the Marin IJ.
    I’d love to chat with you about your macaron recipes.
    Can you e-mail me or call — 415-382-7286.

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