My Tomato List is Growing

It’s a beautiful sunny winter day here today.  The temperature is already at 50F and expected to reach 60F.  I’m still in my pajamas not quite done visiting Tomatoville in cyberspace.  It’s Saturday!

Looks like my Tomato List has grown over the holidays.  Here are the new additions:

  • Ananas Noire
  • Black
  • Chocolate Cherry
  • Cuore Di Bue
  • Japanese Trifele
  • Pineapple Tomato
  • Purple Calabash

Off to Sloat Garden Center in Kentfield after lunch to get a few seed-starting kits!

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One Response to My Tomato List is Growing

  1. Tim says:

    Compare the features and better pricing of the new Grow Box to the EarthBox.

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